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Trip to Planet Her

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

Doja Cat’s newest album, Planet Her, has served us with an out-of-body intergalactic sensation with a hint of bubblegum flavoring. Planet Her has asked us all to reflect on femininity and the complexity of what it means to identify as such. Doja Cat further creates this interstellar experience by referencing astrology and planets throughout the album, whether it be in her lyrics, visuals, or symbols.

Photo by David LaChapelle

By now, you’ve heard her lead single, smash hit "Kiss Me More" featuring SZA, but a track you won’t be hearing on the radio is "Ain’t Shit"; Within these lyrics Doja Cat talks of her romantic interests who are immature and unreliable, a relatable scenario we all find ourselves in at one point or another, experiences of dealing with immature people. The difference is that Doja Cat spins this concept on its head and uses it as a way to empower the person having to be the mature one in the situation. Doja Cat uses this experience as a way to say that she knows that she’s better than this kind of behavior. She also gives that immature person a reality check and tells them that they’re not as great as they think they are. Doja Cat sprinkles astrology into the lyrics when she says, “must be the way that the planets is, must be your face ‘cause it’s not your dick” as almost to say that there wasn’t much going for that person other than being attractive.

During this year, especially since we have more time on our hands, Doja Cat is bringing these relationships into question. How often do we find ourselves dealing with people who think they’re amazing when they’re not? Doja Cat’s lyrics pave a way showing that one’s time and energy are worth more than putting up with unreliable relationships.

The first song of the album is called "Woman." Doja Cat has a way of starting off with a bang because, in this song, Doja Cat really accentuates the power of being a woman. She talks about how “she can grow it from her womb, a family.”

At the same time mentioning how women get taken for granted, saying that men can’t reciprocate because they lack the power of a woman’s touch in life. Her lyrics, “and you will never know a god without the goddesses” empower women with the notion of being foundations in life. This can be interpreted as her saying that women were the beginning, because where did that man come from? He was born from a woman, arguably making the origin of the chicken or the egg concept.

Biblically, Adam gave up his rib to God for the creation of Eve . . . thus men will always be a part of women. The bible promoted this patriarchal narrative since most of the important people in the religious texts are men, with the exceptions such as the Virgin Mary and Mary Magdalene. Even with those two women being actively present in the texts, most times when the two were referenced, their sexual history was always the focus. In the texts, Mother Mary was always revered for being a virgin in comparison to Mary Magdalene, who was a sex worker.

Doja Cat points out how the patriarchy has the tendency to either sexualize women or pit them against each other when they’ve reached success. The reason she points this out is that the patriarchal society is used to holding women to standards and if they don’t comply with those, they are considered to have negative qualities. If they are too driven and career-oriented, they are considered bitchy and a ballbuster. If they are vocal about their emotions they are deemed chaotic. If women don’t wear specific clothes or look a certain way, they are deemed too masculine and not “woman” enough. This song mocks the irony of society, taking the time to point out the inconsistencies of who and what is considered “feminine.” Doja Cat emphasizes that being a woman does not look the same for everyone.

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