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Astrological Adventure

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

Libra represents justice, peace, relationships, and balance. The sign is ruled by the planet Venus, which represents women, money, sex, beauty, love, and art. The symbol of Venus is also used for the symbol representing women. We see Doja Cat personifying her Libra and Venus characteristics in her song "You Right," she sings about how she wants a love interest as a muse to “help her cash” by using love and sex in order to create art and then profits from it. In the music video, Doja Cat’s character is going back and forth about her stance on monogamy, specifically fantasizing about someone else and we see her struggle to maintain her balance, which is what Libra ruled. Doja Cat doesn’t hide her curiosity when she’s hinting at her Libra-ness because she dresses up as scales and has her hair styled like the astrological Libra sign. The title of Doja Cat’s newest album, Planet Her, pays homage to the planet Venus, which is the ruler of her sun sign, Libra. Doja Cat embodies these traits throughout this album with its themes of love and relationships, two concepts correlated with Venus, or Aphrodite in mythology.

In the music video for "Kiss Me More" after an astronaut crashes on Planet Her, we see Doja Cat and SZA mirroring each other as if portraying the sign of Gemini, whose symbol is are a set of twins, the audience then sees a cut to the pair wearing pink clothes and Doja Cat’s hair is styled like that of a ram, representing the sign, Aries. SZA’s hair, also referencing horns, resemble those of the sign of Taurus. Furthermore, Doja Cat wears a one-piece outfit symbolizing that Aries is the first sign in astrology and SZA wears a two-piece set symbolizing Taurus as the second sign in astrology.

We next see Doja Cat in an outfit that can be seen as another personification of Libra. She’s wearing a salmon pink-colored ribbon outfit with a big bow as a headpiece. Libra is an air sign and she’s using wind to make her outfit dance with her while at the same time staying balanced on those heels! Not to mention how the scenery around her is symmetrical and Libra loves things that are leveled and balanced.

In comparison, SZA and her flowery fit can be seen as a representation of the Taurus qualities of Venus. Taurus is an Earth sign and therefore produces flowers. Eating sweets is ruled by Taurus. Notice how SZA is surrounded by edible cherry blossoms. In comparison to the other Venus-ruled sign, Libra lacks the body Taurus has because air is just air and earth is actually physical. In this music video, we can see two sides of what Venus has to offer us, Libra being the more easy-going and confident qualities in comparison to Taurus’ slow but nurturing sense of security.

Later, we see a bright pink Doja Cat lounging in an outfit with many rings and cuffs, representing the planet Saturn. Looking at Doja Cat’s birth chart, she may be referencing her Saturn-ruled 4th house to showcase the femininity of Saturn. Why? Saturn in astrology is seen as a big malefic planet that is so harsh yet is one of the lightest planets. According to the BBC, the planet is so light it would float in water (if there actually was a body of water big enough to fit Saturn)! The concept of Saturn being the ruler of burdens and structure and actually being a light goes to show you that humanity tends to let their emotions and sense of self morph the day-to-day struggles as being heavier than they might actually be. This is why so many people have to learn things the hard way because of their emotions causing disillusionment of the lessons we need to learn.

Doja Cat’s pink outfit can be seen as a representation of Saturn, stability, and restrictions, and making them desirable. She’s showing skin with her outfit, redirecting the restrictions of society, and making her skin into stability by empowering herself. She’s the one who is asking, directing, and receiving. She’s directing her lover to hold and kiss her because “it’s just principle.” Doja Cat saying “boy you write your name, I can do the same,” can represent the equality they have together, which can bring stability to their relationship.

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