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Sensuality, Self-love, and Security

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

Photo by David LaChapelle

Doja Cat’s songs are mainly about expressing her sexuality and enjoying herself. This might be what some might need right now during this time in their lives. Staying inside during the pandemic has had a lot of impact on many people’s self-esteem. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, the average share of adults reporting symptoms of anxiety and depression in 2019 was 11 percent and in 2021 was 41.1 percent. Doja Cat has a lot of songs that are upbeat and catchy, which can be helpful for individuals who use music to process their emotions.

According to the 2020 AARP Music and Brain Health Survey, 3,185 adults found that using music—regardless of the context it was listened to— had a “small positive impact on mental well-belling, depression and anxiety.”

"Need To Know" is one of those bops that can get stuck in one’s head and should be mentioned. We’ve got this confident ego of Doja Cat’s present on a track that is literally a song about her sexualizing a man. Really taking the power in the situation, she’s making this man seem like he’s something that she just has to try once as if trying new food. We see this come to life in the music video for the song. Doja Cat is once again leaving little easter eggs here and there, but it seems like she’s keeping this music video focused on the female body, nightlife, and getting that itch scratched. The first shot is of a naked headless female mannequin before it cuts to Doja Cat playing a video game. This music video is consistent with her astrological chart ruler, Venus.

What’s a chart ruler? Well, since Doja Cat is a Libra rising, Venus would be her ruling planet, so we look for where Venus is in her chart. When Doja Cat sings “spank me, slap me, choke me, bite me” there’s an overwhelming Scorpio Venus energy. The fact that she wants that rough and dark sex life is proof enough. Scorpio rules over dark and intense relationships (as well as sex) and Doja Cat’s delivering just that. Scorpio is ruled by Mars and Pluto, so sex, dominance, and powerplay seem to be big themes in Doja Cat’s songs. We know what we signed up for.

Photo by David LaChapelle

Another song on the album with Scorpio Venus energy is "I Don’t Do Drugs" featuring Ariana Grande. Scorpio rules over obsessions and this whole song is about not being able to resist someone regardless of even if you wanted to. The lyrics go “Love got me fucked up, got me on stuck, chasing that rush, had to give, couldn’t give up, I just want you, but I don’t do drugs.”

She wants to get with this person but she doesn’t wanna get caught up in the obsession and maybe even dependency that comes with a relationship. She talks about how it’s hard for her to let this person go because her body wouldn’t let her hide those feelings. Yet, she’s fighting with herself not to fall for this person. This clicks astrologically because, in Doja Cat’s chart, her Scorpio Venus trines her Pisces Saturn in the 5th house, which might explain this addictive feeling towards casual flings. Pisces rules over drugs and fantasy and the 5th house rules over pleasure (mainly focusing on causal flings). This means that she has her Venus trining her Saturn, which creates a long-term tendency to get caught up in flings, mainly by the fantasy of things.

Photo by David LaChapelle

Doja Cat’s album further delves into the empowerment of a woman’s sexuality, body, and pleasures. Doja Cat herself has spoken on how she wanted to go outside of what was understood as pop/rap aesthetic and she wanted to literally make a project that would have people travel outside of the planet. She definitely emulated that when it comes to the videos and choice of words. That’s what Planet Her represents, she is not just one thing, she is many things. In fact, we see so many facets of Doja Cat.

Photo by David LaChapelle

Most of her songs focus on relationships but she has a song that focuses on her being more than fine being alone. In her song "Alone," we see a story unfold of a woman trying to move on and be okay with being alone. She’s trying to not get distracted by a man who is afraid of commitment. She’s talking about how she can’t force this man to love her and that he should do what he does best and be alone. Raise your hand if you’ve personally been in a relationship like this. A relationship where someone is fighting love at every cost because they don’t want what they need most, which is love. Doja Cat makes it known that it’s okay because she’s not bothered by it if it means she’s moving forward.

Photo by David LaChapelle

That’s another thing that’s so healing about Doja Cat’s album . . . we see this sensitive side of her. Doja Cat’s presentation brings an understanding of being alone and being okay with it. Her not being afraid of isolation despite that it once hurt (to be alone) she knows it’s for the best. That drive to move forward and grow is very reflective of her Scorpio Venus in her 1st house because Scorpio rises from the ashes like a phoenix.

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