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Let's Go, Kitty Kat

Photo by Max Vadukul

“Kitty Kat” gives the audience a taste of what it means when a partner gets too comfortable in the relationship. Colloquially, the vagina is often referred to as ‘pussy’. Beyoncé uses the term kitty kat as a play-on word for the pussy reference. Her attitude towards the situation is focused on her telling that man off because he is neglecting her sexually, saying “oh, so you don’t want me anymore?” She uses kitty kat as a synecdoche, to get her partner’s attention, saying she’s taking her kitty kat and leaving. The usage of that literary device helps paint the picture that if he can’t appreciate all of her, then she declares that there’s “no more givin' it” because “[she’s] not feelin' it.”

The reason she’s leaving is that her partner is underestimating and underappreciating her which is shown through his actions, or lack thereof. His behavior is discussed at the start of the track as she describes him coming home later, neglecting the fact that she hates sleeping alone, or how he ignores her calls without returning them. Essentially, he thinks their relationship is fine as is and Beyonce is fed up with the carelessness of his non-existent efforts.

According to Beyoncé, the couple seems to be “at two places, but [going] different paces,” causing the relationship to be on the rocks. He’s not willing to “meet [her] at the bridge” thus making her feel deserted in the relationship. This man is not willing to compromise to make their relationship work and she asks him if he “[forgot] where [his] heart lives.” Even though this song seems very straightforward, the layers that Beyoncé adds to this piece show just how complex her message is. This song isn’t just about not giving her man access to her body because she makes it clear that she wants more than sex in the relationship. She is setting the bar for future relationships by listing out what red flags can look like.

What makes this song so powerful is that Beyoncé isn’t begging for him to be better, but instead is clear when she says she’s not gonna let his behavior make her think she’s nobody when she knows she’s somebody. In fact, Beyoncé knows she’s got a lot to give because she’s got “diamonds on [her] neck . . . diamonds on [her] records” and she’s out there “reppin’ [for] Texas.” In comparison, she calls him a hot mess. She even tells him that his behavior is making her want to call up someone who will give her what she deserves. We see more of that energy we saw in the song from “Irreplaceable” because this song is very clear when Beyoncé tells these men off for not appreciating all of her. This song, along with the others of this album like it, paved a clear path for later Beyoncé songs. We hear more of this self-love, self-confidence theme in songs l in her career such as the single, “Flawless,” on her album Beyoncé in 2013. “Kitty Kat” walked so “Flawless” could run.

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